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Hi, all. The famous Chris Taylor, accepts today for all of you, french lovers of AoE series, to give answers to some of your question.

----WoooW, Chris Taylor has just transplaned in front of me

Hi Chris, how are you today?

After becoming famous and glorious with Total Annihilition and Supreme Commander series, why do you decide to let mechs away for humans units ?More serouisly, what do you love in the AoE series, one of the most famous STR?
Chris Taylor – You know the saying, “variety is the spice of life?” Well, this is how I like to think of game design… and what a wonderful spice the Age of Empires franchise is to all of us here at GPG. There are many things that made this series the #1 RTS in my family (everyone loved it and could play it), but I think it’s the historical connection that the game makes… it really has a profound impact on how a game “feels” when you play it.

You succeed to Robot Studio with your society Gaspoweredgames. When did you start to work on AoE:O?

CT - We’ve been working on the game for a while now, but we were just recently brought in to help polish the game for launch… we started late in 2010.

Of course, why did you decide to take part of this huge event? Some bad guys say it was to earn money, to finished Kings and Castles, True? (i have managed to cacth some of this ugly guys, and i forced them to eat tons of peanuts each time they're saying that)
CT – LOL! Well, video game development is a business after all, but it’s not like we don’t have free will and choices too! We had a choice, and for many, many great reasons we felt that it was a great time for us to work on this incredible franchise, so we jumped at it!

You are working with microsoft. What does it mean exactly? They bring you and some guys in for the development? They just look and say "good or garbage"?
CT – If only it was that simple! We work very closely with MS, and at all levels of development… we collaborate on design, art and engineering… and most importantly of all, to make sure all the production needs and goals are being met.

How hard it is to take control over this type of game, waiting for thousands and thousands of players (in french we call that « here is a hot potato») All your fans and the fans of AoE are looking on you, what will you bring for the game now?
CT – Well, I think you hit the main point… it’s a HUGE responsibility to take care of this game and franchise. And in addition to that, we know that this is a brand new experience for players, taking an RTS online, with a capital city that you build and grow, and the new model that provides this huge amount of content for free! Not only that, but we have to think about what happens after we launch the game, but also about continually delivering exciting new things in the future.

Some people (nearly all my friends) have stopped playing AoE:O because PvP was not here. Robot knew it, and has said that a special vanilla mode should be released but not for the first day of the game. What is your plan for the PvP lovers?
CT – The great news is, the beta has provided us with some tremendous feedback, and we are getting the message loud and clear. Without any doubt we’ve got our sights set to do some cool things with PvP… and I can’t wait until we can start talking about it.

When should we know a new civilization? People prey for north civilization, even if it's seemed to be mediterranean ones.
CT – As you know the game will launch with Greeks and Egyptians, we are working on the development of another civilization to be released after the game launches. But we feel the excitement mounting, and can’t wait to make that announcement soon… beyond that, we plan to continue to release new content on an ongoing basis, and this is one game where praying actually helps!! (okay, wouldn’t hurt to include a copy of your prayer on the forums).

The starting of the solo mode is saying a bit boring, till level 8-10. Do you agree? Do you think you'll change something? Should we have some really cool campagnes with video to present the campagne (a bit like Age of Mythology)?
CT – This has been another great area of feedback, and hopefully, it won’t be much longer until those playing start to see some real changes in those early missions as we respond to the feedback.

Will modding be supported? If so, can you give us little details?
CT – Sorry, but I can’t disclose any information on modding at this time.

When AoE:O will be realesed?
CT – Though we haven’t officially announced a release date, we’re certain it will be this year.

How will support the game after the realesed? And of course how many people will stay to balance the game?
CT – We have a full team of people working right now, and there are no plans to scale back. In many ways the game really starts hitting its stride once it’s released because this is an online game. There will be many additions to the content in the coming months and years to keep us busy!

Now, three more questions about your other projects

In nearly all of your videoblog on KnC, you re eating candies. Do you want to open a special candy market with gaspoweredgames?

CT – LOL…I think that’s a great idea, “Gas Powered Nuts and Candy”. I’ll make a few phone calls and get that started. I suppose you would like to try some samples?

More seriously, where are you on KnC? Is it true, that the development is on stand-by? If yes, for how long? Do you have special team that works on KnC, or all of your guys work on AOE:O
CT – We put the game on hold, but as I’ve said in other interviews, just because it’s on hold, it doesn’t mean we won’t develop it at a later day. It’s just that we don’t know when that will be at this point.

And the last question from all the supreme commander community (they 'll forced me to eat tons of your candies if i don't ask the question) Do you have supreme commander 3 in a corner of your head?
CT – I always have something in my head, but sorry to say, I cannot comment on whether or not there will be a Supreme Commander 3 at this point. It sounds like a good idea to me!! J

Thanks a lot for all your answers, Chris. Tell me to send you some really special french candies or food, and think that the frenchies love you, specially when you do revolution in RTS. I really cross the fingers for AoE:O, which i bet can be a really, really cool and fun game (but please think of all the PvP lovers and this famous vanilla mode)

BBBRRZRRZZZZZ, hey Chris? Are you still here? He seems to tranplan again. I don't know how he does that. You know what? This guy is unique heureux.gif

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