Endless Space: nouveau patch
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Endless Space: nouveau patch

15.01.14 20:04 - Par Socros

Endless Space

Endless Space continue d'être suivi par Amplitude Studio puisqu'un nouveau patch est sorti aujourd'hui. Il s'agit du 1.1.42, axé sur la dernière faction ajouté: les Vaulters.


Implemented the new Harmony Resonance bonus: + 2 FIS / ORBITING SHIP UP TO 2x CP MAX

Added a new property to manage the dynamic cap of Harmony new bonus. This property is shown in the affinity tooltip (2*Max command pop)

Added new localisation key for Harmony affinity to explain their new bonus

Increased the reduction on civilian modules for all colonization hulls


Expansion Disapproval multiplied by 3 for Vaulters

Systems with Portals aren’t count for Expansion Disapproval

The unique Vaulter improvement (the Portal particle screen) now takes 15 turns to be built

The unique Vaulter improvement provokes a loss of Science  (- 66%) during its construction

Only one unique Vaulter improvement is needed to generate Science  from all the Portals

Added new properties to manage the gain of Science  on Empire from Portals


Fixed an Alliance bug when in some cases making peace with another Alliance was impossible

Fixed an issue on the creation of an Alliance in the multiplayer between two human players, when one is already in an Alliance

Fixed a bug regarding creation of colony ship when using the "Wasted Space" trait

Fixed a bug on the prefab of the Hissho Colony ship


Fixed the Vaulters appearance title and tooltip description from the custom race menu

Fixed bug where the teleportation FX of the Vaulters was played even if the fleet didn’t move

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