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Tutorials HUB TV

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Using HUB TV

You can use the HUB TV and a large part of his duties without being registered. I will return later about the extra features associated with this entry. 
The HUB TV allows you to watch TV from one to four at the same time. More by reducing the size of your window, you reduce the number of possible TV.
You will find below all a tutorial on using the HUB TV.

WebTv Menu

You have access to all WebTv on the left of your screen :

Menu HUB Tv

1 : Display one TV location.
2 : Display two TV location.
3 : Display four TV location.
4 : Remove all TV.
5 : Refresh the stream list.
6 : Filter stream.
7 : Displace TV location.
8: Start/Stop the stream.
9: Add the stream to favorite.

Display WebTv

Affichage du HUB TV

Looks like the HubTv once you launch various Tv. As you can see, each TV has a menu. So you find under their name, a description, followed by various options such as the ability to close the TV, join her chat, putting the TV in a window or simply see the number of people having added to their favorite.

Then each tv has its own menu, which you can find everywhere twitch or dailymotion.

Little more, you can choose the display order of WebTv with the option in the top right. You have two icons, representing a series of numbers. This allows you to choose the order in which you want to view Tv If you start in the first situation two tv will be one above the other, while in the other it will be one next to the other . If you view your TV in the second option, by switching two TV, the display will revert to the first option.

Registration: More

You have a WebTV and you want to get the most people on the Hub Tv For this it is sufficient to add but it must go through a listing on the site. To do this, use the option "Create account" then once everything is enabled and you are connected, you have access to three menus at the top.

This registration gives you access to "Amateur" site.

In addition, you can now add your favorite streams, which will appear in the upper left when they are online.

Add a Web Tv

To add a WebTv, simply use the add_tv that here

Menu ajout Stream HubTv

First thing to do, choose the type of client that you use to Stream: Twitch or Dailymotion. Then it suffices to indicate the ID of your stream as shown in the description on this page.

Then you must give the name of your TV and a description. Then you choose what game it is dedicated: Starcraft 2, League of Legend, DotA 2, WOW or Other.

You can then select an option for viewers to contact you via private message on our forum. Do not check so if you want not to be disturbed and receive private messages.

Just then validated and wait a minute or two for your Tv is displayed in the list of Tv Amateur left.

As an amateur you can' add more than one TV, one category Professional in this possibility.

Add an event

To add an event, simply use the add_event

Menu ajout event HubTv

To begin, you must give your event a name and a date and time. Then you are asked for a description of your event.
You must specify after which the game takes place on the event. After you have the opportunity to make this event private, ie prevent other streameurs to join your event.

It will just confirm and wait a few minutes while your event is added to the list of events. It will automatically be added to the list of events Amateurs. The event professionals are reserved.

Settings Menu

Menu option Hub Tv

In this menu, you can change the description of your TV and the game which it is associated. You can mostly associated to your tv event in the list proposed by the calendar.

In the Professional category, all your Tv will be posted here, so you can associate each of them to a particular event.

Professional Category

This category is reserved for professional as well as companies or organizers of the eSports world. To be part of this class, you must make a request to the admins, they alone can give all the rights.

By falling into this category, your streams will be mandatory in the Professional category. In addition you can add some Tv for if you have multiple TV devoted to a tournament all make it accessible.
You can also make it inaccessible to a member amateur to join one of your events.

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